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March 25  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

We had plenty of small and med pilchards today and ran directly to the “end of the bar”. We had a light south wind and medium east current with clear water. The Amberjacks were swarming, eating both baits on the top and bottom. We could see the Yellowtails but they were really wary and we only caught 4 although they were all good sized. Got a nice Black Grouper of 17 lbs who ate a pinfish. The Speedos showed up and we caught several dozen for bait but couldn’t get past the Jacks. We got off the hook and slow trolled the speedos in 150′-180′ for the rest of the day, ended up with a 20lb Tuna, several barracudas, and several more Jacks.

Hammerhead shark

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March 16  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Spent both today and yesterday Sailfishing with the same group of anglers. Yesterday we had light south wind and flew the kite along a color change with Thread Herring for bait. We had two Sail bites and caught them both. Today it was glassy calm and hot, the color change was pretty much gone. We couldn’t get the kite up so be slow trolled in 140′ to 170′ working to the east from the Sambo’s to American Shoal. Had Three Sail bites and caught one. We also hooked a Hammerhead Shark we saw tailing and landed a few Bonitas. The fishing was very slow for everyone.

Small kings

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March 13  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Tried to reef fish down to the west again today but it was very slow all morning with gin clear water. Finally east of the CB buoy in 55′ we got a bite of Ceros and small kings going in the afternoon and had plenty of action.

Cosgrove light

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March 11  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Had a decent reef catch today two miles east of Cosgrove light in 90′. The weather was lousy with heavy rain most of the day. The “speedos” showed up in the chum slick right away and we caught several dozen in the hoop net. We caught 15 big Yellowtail, released a 125lb Goliath, caught a 20 lb Black Grouper a 10 lb Gag a 6lb mutton all on speedos as well as a 30lb King and assorted Amberjacks, ceros and yellow jacks. Heading home we found Blackfin Tuna working off Western Dry rocks and hooked and lost several.

Hull maintenance

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March 4  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Yesterday we hauled the boat out for yearly hull maintenance. We cleaned the hull and pressure washed the bottom. Today we scraped and preped then applied fresh bottom paint and new zincs. Tomorrow we will paint the transom with a coat of clear awlgrip and we’ll be back in the water on thursday.

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