Nov 20 2013

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November 20  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Nov 2013 Sail releaseNov 2013 sm sail releaseNov 2013 Jumping SailNov 2013 TunaNov 2013 holding sailWe have been enjoying an excellent run of Sailfish over the last week. Six to eight bites a day has been the norm. Rather than live baiting as we normally do, we have had good success trolling fresh dead swimming Ballyhoo in combination with various natural bait teasers. We’ve been raising a lot of fish to the teasers and getting a lot of flat line bites, great visuals and good fun. In addition to the Sails we’ve been catching Blackfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna and the occasional Dolphin.

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