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Oct 24th 2013

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October 24  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Oct 2013 reefOct 2013 SailOct 2013 leader SailFishing action in Key West over the last week has been transitioning from the summer orientation of off shore trolling to a focus on the reef edge and the waters ajacent to the reef. Sailfish numbers are increasing. We are catching them both by trolling with dead bait and by deploying live bait. The Sailfish pictured in this report was caught by Robert Lessler on 15 pound test from an anchored boat. Fishing the reef remains productive for Yellowtail Snapper with a few Muttons and Cero Mackerel in the mix. Our first real cold front of the season is arriving today. Look for much improved fishing as the weather cools down.

Nova Scotia Tuna Fishing

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October 20  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Nova Scotia 2013 VNova Scotia 2013 IIINova Scotia 2013 Guy HarveyNova Scotia Fin SeekerKey West is a great fishing location about 9 months of the year but late summer and early fall are pretty much off season. It is an ideal time to get away and enjoy a completely different fishing experience. For the third year in a row I traveled to Canada to participate in the the worlds best Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing. Fishing for these behemoths is the ultimate heavy tackle fishing experience. All of the fish pictured weighed over 600 pounds.

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