Before you book a Key West fishing charter, we suggest you compare the SOUTHPAW to any other charter boats. Simply put our boat is better designed, better equipped, better organized and better maintained than any other charter boat. If you had the time to physically look at every charter boat before making a choice you would understand that seeing is believing. Fishing aboard the SOUTHPAW ensures that you are enjoying a premium experience.

Our boat is big and beamy, with the largest fishing cockpit in the Key West charter boat fleet. Our boat is faster than our competitors; we get you to the fishing grounds sooner. Our boat has a working tuna tower for sight fishing, which our competitors do not have. Our fish finding electronics are the best in the fleet. Our fishing tackle is extensive and professionally maintained. We provide the best quality live bait. We are experts at all types of Key West fishing, from trolling, to bottom fishing to wreck fishing to kite fishing to blue water fly fishing, and we are competitively priced.

Key West charter boats come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for the highest quality charter experience there is, try SOUTHPAW and join our legions of satisfied clients.