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Atlantic Sailfish on Fly

It’s late morning offshore of Contoy Island. The radio chatter is desultory, not much happening anywhere. With a high sun and a down sea troll it’s a perfect condition for sighting only there’s nothing to see, .idle thoughts but watchful eyes. The drone of the engines.. Wait! “There he is, lazy fish on the left rigger,” curious enough to follow but little else. We are pulling a spread of hookless ballyhoo teasers, hoping for a shot with the fly rod but this sailfish hardly acts like a “player”. Undaunted, the crew in the cockpit jumps to life. (more…)

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Fishing for Black Marlin

Key West Captain experiences banner Black Marlin fishing on the Great Barrier Reef

This fall I was fortunate enough to fulfill a life long dream and fish the Great Barrier Reef of Australia during the Giant Black Marlin run.

Prior to booking the trip I did what homework I could, both on the web and by talking with various individuals who had experience in the area. Capt. Peter Wright of DUYFKIN fame was particularly gracious with his time, indulging me in several long phone conversations covering dos and don’t as well as providing candid profiles of the various Captains I might fish with.

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Off Season in Guatemala

I recently received a spur of the moment invitation to accompany a charter client on a fishing trip to the Casa Vieja Lodge on Guatemala.s Pacific coast. My friend who was bringing his just out of college sons for their first taste of billfishing had booked Oct 28, 29 and 30. With a couple of previous visits to the Lodge under his belt, my friend confirmed that while late October was still considered off season; it being the end of the rainy season during which excessive freshwater runoff tends to degrade the offshore water quality, his previous experiences this time of year yielded fishing that was in his words .plenty good enough.. He described 10-15 bites a day from Sails and an occasional Blue Marlin bite for good measure. (more…)

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