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March 28th 2015

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March 28  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

We’ve had great weather over the last 10 days and a great supply of live bait which has been conveniently located close to the Marina. All this has resulted in some pretty good days on the water, with a wonderful variety of fish for which Key West is justifiably famousKent's tripMarch 27March Tuna tooYT SailMarch AJMarch Mutton

March 12th 2015

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March 12  |  Fishing Reports  |   CaptainBrad

Fishing has been fair but no better over the last several weeks. Strong gusty winds in the 20 knot range have hampered us on some days. On other days, very clear water and a lack of current has made for challenging conditions. By remaining flexable and trying everything during the course of the day, we have succeeded in putting a catch together on most days.two AJ'sfoggy CravalleJohn Cook's Blackforty pound kingCosgrove YT

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