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Head Chefs

By |2007-06-27T02:16:52+00:00June 27th, 2007|Fishing Reports|

Took a group of the Head chefs and owners of popular Key West eatery, Rooftop Café today. Found a sheet of plywood on the “19 line? that was loaded with fish. Caught 2 wahoos out of 6 bites and 20 odd nice Dolphin, gaffers up to 22lbs. Lots of wind and rain and electricity in

Blue Marlin

By |2007-06-21T02:15:41+00:00June 21st, 2007|Fishing Reports|

THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! The last week or so the fishing has been really slow with nothing but throw back Dolphin around, so it was great to have an excellent day today. Start with a box of decent Dolphin, full sized schoolies, and gaffers and add to that A White Marlin Release, followed by a

Micro Dolphin

By |2007-06-17T02:13:21+00:00June 17th, 2007|Fishing Reports|

Slow fishing the last couple of days. We've just come off a weekend with too many boats fishing for too few Dolphin. The report is the same for everyone, lots of micro Dolphin, call them "grasshoppers", or "shakers"?, either way too small to keep. Very few decent fish around. Hopefully better days are coming.