With a NE breeze of 20knots we elected to “hunker down” on the reef edge, being on the anchor made the breezy condition very comfortable. We ended up in 82′ of water and had a slow pick of quality fish for most of the day. We ended up with 3 or 4 Cero’s, a couple of Kings, a 12lb Mutton, 3 20lb Black Grouper, and 4 or 5 large Yellowtail. We knew it was time to go when the Next Grouper got eaten on the way up. The head of this fish which was all we got back indicated that whole, it would have been the largest of the day, but when the sharks move in its time to move on. After we got off the hook we ran out deeper and found a green to cleaner green color change. we hunted along the change and very soon spotted a Cobia from the Tuna Tower. We caught the Cobia which weighed 41 lbs, nice way to finish the day.