More crazy weather, it’s cold it’s hot it’s blowing hard, it’s flat calm. Quite a challenge to keep up with conditions over the last several weeks. Bait has been difficult of late so we have resorted to catching it at night and penning it for future use. Regular client Rick Muskovac fished a 3/4 day on Wed 2/24 and wanted good eating fish to take home. We started on the reef edge, heavy chumming for Yellowtail and picked at a few large tails but the water temp was too cold to really get them going, and large predetors were eating some of them off the hook. We did have one 10lb Mutton Snapper and a couple of Kings to go along with the Yellowtail. At mid day we got off the anchor and slow trolled a color change and current line in 120′ using live Ballyhoo and large Pilchards. We hooked a double header of Sails in short order, catching one and pulling the hook on the other close to the boat. Schoolie Dolphin attacked the baits a couple of times and we added several to the fish box before calling it a day at 2:30.