Don’t you love it when a plan comes together. Today we hoped to catch Saifish in the morning and Tuna in the afternoon and that exactly what we did. We caught live ballyhoo first thing and within 5 minutes of leaving the bait patch we were hooked up to a double header of Sails; two of a group of five which were chasing ballyhoo on the reef edge. In addition to the double we caught 2 more singles and lost 2 we had hooked. We spent the mid day hours anchored on the reef edge-not much, some jacks, a small Mutton, missed a couple of Grouper, several sharks. another Sailfish bite. We began Tuna Fishing about 3:15 but it didn’t get good until close to 4:00- from then on it was non stop, we ended up catching 9 Tuna’s in the next hour.