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June 27th 2013

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Dolphin fishing has been unreliable over the last 10 days. On some days we've found birds, weed and debris but nothing except small throwback fish. Other days there has been no weed and very few birds to work so we've had to rely on getting a bite "out of the blue". We fished a two

June 13th 2013

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The best of the Dolphin fishing has moved well offshore and is associated with where we can find mats of Sargassum weed or pieces of floating debris. On a number of days recently we have found ourselves more than 30 miles offshore. Successful Dolphin fishing from here on will require full days so we have

June 4 2013

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The offshore fishing action remains very steady. We are putting a catch together every day. Dolphin, Wahoo and Tuna with the occasional Billfish bite comprise most of the action. Deep water wrecks are holding Amberjack and Mutton Snapper.