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Jan 30th 2014 Key West Fishing

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The quality of Key West fishing remains slightly below average at the end of January. King Mackerel which are generally a mainstay of our winter action continue to be scarce. Sailfish are also currently poorly represented in our area. We have had a number of calm days coinciding with a full moon which produced good

Jan 14th Key West Fishing Report

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We hope you enjoy these pictures of various fish Caught aboard the SOUTHPAW in the last week. Many of these catches are the product of 4 hour trips. With winds blowing from every direction in the compass rose, each day has offered a new challenge, and of late, we have rarely done the same type of

January 2014 Fishing Report

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One of the windiest winters in recent memory continues unabated. With the briefest exceptions, temperatures remain warmer than average for this time of year as well. As a result, King Mackerel which are a mainstay of our fishery this time of year are all but absent. Sailfish numbers are also down. Both of these species