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It is mid April and the wind and water conditions have come together as they so often do this time of year to produce the ideal situation for catching migrating Sailfish, along with many other species including Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna, and Cobia. Strong east current flowing into an east or southeast wind creates the situation where these fish get up on the surface and swim down sea. Combined with a distinct edge where green in shore water meets blue offshore water and mingles to produce “powder” colored water is where the action takes place. We have been catching our fish with the use of live baits fished off kites and also on sunny days by riding up and down the color change sight casting to fish swimming on the surface. We have been seeing 20 to 30 Sailfish a day during the last week. With our tuna tower, nimble manuverability, and over sized live wells, the SOUTHPAW was built for this.