The big migration of Sailfish is apparently over, although we are still getting the occasional Sail bite. Dolphin action is ramping up. Over the last week we have seen a steady improvement in the Dolphin bite and over the last several days the arrival of some big fish. The best Dolphin fishing of the year historically takes place during the last two weeks of May. It looks like its shaping up that way again. Several days ago we saw half a dozen large Bluefin Tuna while offshore. We have also had some decent reef fishing of late, big muttons over 15 pounds, Yellowtail, Red Grouper and even a 125 pound Goliath as well as a trophy size African Pompano.May 7 2014 DolphinMay 6 2014 African Pompanodelete late April rackdelete late April TunaMay 6 2014 GoliathMay 6 2014 Dolphindelete late April DolphinBill Allen rackMay 2014 SailMay 6 2014 Rack