During the month of June you can expect the Dolphin fishing action to continue unabated. Larger fish tend to become harder to find as the area fills with tremendous numbers of “schoolies”. Debris as well as weed lines will be holding fish. A subtle reading of whatever birds you find will also give indications as to what size fish they are following. The surest clue is whether the birds are moving east or west. Schoolies are almost always moving to the east while a small group of large fish are almost always moving west- often at a very good clip. Don’t be surprised if you stop on some small fish and have a larger fish crash the party. Dolphin are curious, cannibalistic and opportunistic, big fish are often drawn to the feeding frenzy of small fish. Have a designated rod ready to cast to take advantage of this scenario, 20lb spin with a short piece of 60lb-80lb leader is ideal.

With a good deal of calm weather June is also an ideal month to try a deep drop for daylight Swordfish. Depths from 1400’ to 2000’ outside the wall are where these fish are caught, right on the bottom. This fishing requires an outfit specifically rigged for dropping. The folks up at Cudjoe Sales can help you get set up if you are interested.

The reef fishing in June can be excellent, as long as the water is not too clear and there is current moving the chum. With a full moon during the middle of the month, Mutton Snapper will again form spawning aggregates. Yellowtail Snapper will continue to spawn this month, also look for Mangrove Snapper to begin their spawn which peaks with the July moon.

Lastly a reminder to boaters that June marks the official start of Hurricane season and or the rainy season. With a lot more moisture in the environment, it’s a good idea to check the local radar before heading out least you get caught in a squall.

Good luck and tight lines,
Capt. Brad