This year temperatures have been slow to fall with the result that the type of fishing we expect to see in Nov has been slow to develop. Finally however in the last week we are experiencing an influx of Blackfin Tuna, Sailfish and Wahoo. Dolphin remain in the area and we are catching them particularly on days featuring easterly breezes. Ballyhoo are congregating along the reef edge and it won’t be long before various pelagic gamefish chasing these baits into the shallow water becomes a daily occurance. One of our favorite types of Key West fishing involves sight casting to these fish as they chase Ballyhoo along the surface. It’s still a little early for Kingfish although we are catching a few along the reef edge. Yellowtail Snapper are biting well along the reef when we have off color water and west current. At this point the more cool weather we have the better the fishing will get.