Cold and windy weather has predominated during the month. We have lost a few days to weather and fished many others when conditions were tough. The colder weather has induced better Sailfishing, but by no means as good as it could be. There have also been a few Blackfin Tuna and Wahoo mixed in. King Mackerel are finally arriving in better numbers and have become a dependable part of our catch. The reef edge has been active on days when there is a decent flow of current. Flag size Yellowtail, Mutton Snapper, out of season Grouper along with Tunny and various Jack species have kept the rods bent on days when we had to hunker down and deal with a sloppy sea state. Adequate supplies of live bait whether they be Pilchards, Thread Herring, Goggle Eyes, or Ballyhoo are critical to our success. Bait has been tough this month, requiring a lot of extra work to procure. none the less we strongly believe live bait fishing produces better results this time of year than deadbait trolling.