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June 2016

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After a terrible month of May during which the annual Dolphin migration never really materialized, fishing during June has been very uneven. On longer days we have elected to go offshore but results have been inconsistent. Some days we've found a few Dolphin and return to the dock with 10-12 fish, although there has been little

April 2016

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In a normal year we think of April in Key West as being one of the finest fishing months. This is a month when seemingly everything is biting. Sailfish are typically abundant as they begin their spring migration along with Cobia and some of the largest Blackfin Tuna of the year. Dolphin also typically put in

July 30, 2016

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Fishing in Key West over the last month has remained a challenge. There has been very little which is dependable. Conditions seem to change almost by the hour. Offshore, one day there are a few weed lines and some Dolphin around, the next day gone. The same has been true on the reef. One day