We really enjoyed our recent fishing trip with you, you do a great job of making all of the group comfortable, and fully involved. My sons and son-in-law and I had a great time. In searching my 83 year old memory I find that I have been fishing with you since you were an impetuous youth. I think the first time was with Frank Mather in Florida, or maybe even earlier on Cape Cod. We then fished again in Florida on a 3 day trip west of Key West – a wonderful trip. There were many other trips, but a couple stand out. A trip in Isla Mujeres Mexico where we took and released 33 Sails in a day on light tackle. A trip to La Guira Venezuela where you showed my friend Hector how to catch bait on Sabicki’s and we took 10 White Marlin in one day on spinning tackle. Your new boat is great, very comfortable and very conducive to great fishing–I’m looking forward to fishing with you many more times. Tight lines and screaming reels.

Jim Toabe – 30 year client