From a Tournament Angler

Hey Cap, Just a quick note to say what a pleasure it was to fish with you and Heath aboard SOUTHPAW over the last couple of days. You put us on a lot of fish and that Dolphin I caught is a memory that’ll last forever. While we finished out of the money we did win an award for the largest day 1 to day 2 point gain. Today was a damn good day. I had a great time and will absolutely look you up the next time I’m in Key West.

Paul Melgaard- Shell Tournament participant

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Nervous about the cost and what to expect

Just wanted to drop you guys a line and thank you again for a great day out on the water. You guys totally surpassed my expectations. I was a little nervous about how the day was going to go and what we would catch being the cost of a 3/4 day trip but I would not hesitate to do it again everytime I’m in Key West. You and Heath are a real class act and make a great team and will book again in the future. Thanks!
– Tyler Randell (first time client)

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From a former 1st mate


A long time since we spoke or have seen each other. Was fishing with Richard Gibson in the Presidential Challenge Aruba Cup earlier this month and of course our time fishing in St. Thomas was revisited and discussed in detail! It was one of the best seasons I’ve ever had fishing in over thirty years across the globe and the reason was YOU amigo. The time spent as one of your deckies was by far the best lesson any crewmember could ever hope to experience and I wanted you to know of all the Captains I’ve fished with…(Kalex, Flash, Peter B. and Laurie Wright, Brynner Parks…etc) I learned the most from you.

  – Capt. Mike Pascia

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Written to a booking agent

Just a quick note to let you all know that we had a great outing. I was on Southpaw with Captain Brad & 1st mate Heath. Not only were these guys friendly & jovial but their professionalism was clearly evident in the level of preparedness of tackle, bait & boat! All day long they put forth the effort to make sure we had a great time and to give us every opportunity to catch fish. I’ve been on enough charters with other outfits to know that Team Southpaw ranks at the high end of high!

Russ- first time client

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Your boat remains a best kept secret

Capt. Brad,
Once again thank you for making our trip both fun and productive. It is great to see that professionalism does not wane over time, your boat remains a best kept secret in the Keys and the tackle and rigging top notch. On both trips the secret to our success in landing big fish has not just been in finding the fish but also the quality of the live bait and choice of first mate who really worked very diligently to ensure we stayed hooked up! You remain my Capt. of choice, keep up the good work, see you next year.

Best regards,

Dean – repeat client

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Great Charter on 2/1/2011

Let me again thank you for a great charter on 2/1/2011. My wife and I had a beautiful day on the water and catching that Sailfish was a dream come true for me. As a life long fisherman I found the new experience of kite fishing to be very interesting and exciting. I love to go to new locations and learn the local techniques. The additional catches of the kings, Blackfin Tuna and Dolphin just made the day all that more special. We hope you enjoyed your sushi, and watching that Hammerhead chase our baits and then hooking up with it was pretty cool as well. We’d like to give a special shout out to our first mate Heath, who’s enthusiasm and knowledge was outstanding. The pointing out of the birds, turtles and jellyfish really was interesting. It’s all those little extras that make a day special and fun especially for a non fisherperson like my wife. I would and will recommend you and your boat to anyone looking to fish in Key West.

Carl Swanson – first time client

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Wonderful Fishing Trip

Thank you so much for such a wonderful fishing trip on March 23rd. Key West was the first stop on our 6-day cruise, and the morning spent on SOUTHPAW was the highlight of the trip for all 3 of us. Thanks to you and your mate for your advice and help in making this the best fishing trip ever.

Greg Balkenbush – first time client

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Great and Exciting Afternoon

Dear Capt. Brad, My family and I would like to thank you for the trip we took on the afternoon of Dec 26th. We appreciate your desire and skill at trying to keep us safe and satisfied under some difficult conditions. My parents and I were happy to have caught the fish we were able to and we all enjoyed eating the fillets that evening. Thank you and your mate for a great and exciting afternoon. Whenever we are back in the area, we will return to the Southpaw for our fishing charters.

Brian Hughes – first time client

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My First Billfish

This is a little delayed but I would like to thank you again for the memorable trip we had on Nov 15th. Accommodating us with trolling and shallow water was great in itself let alone taking the extra time to try for the Cobias. My mother-in-law and the rest of the group are still talking about it. Hooking my first billfish was awesome and a double header with my wife made it that more special. Like I told you before, when ever I get the chance to fish out of Key West, you will be my first call and I’ll recommend you to anyone I know of going down there.

Steven Dean – first time client

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Southpaw Fishing Key West is a blast!

A group of buddies and myself recently took a charter with you on the date of friday Aug 8, 2008. I would like to say and I’m speaking for everyone that went on the trip it was a blast! We’ve also recommended you to quite a few of our friends. Thanks again and we hope to take a trip with you in the near future.

Paul Ware – charter guest

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