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Key West Fishing June 30th 2014

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Summertime has arrived in the Key West area over the last ten days. Temperatures close to 90 degrees, light and variable breezes from the Southeast with isolated but intense thunder storms developing in the afternoon has become the normal weather pattern. Plenty of Dolphin remain in our offshore waters but the best of the season is

June 17th 2014 recent catches

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Dolphin fishing remains strong which is to be expected this time of year. We have been experiencing unusually strong Gulf Stream current over the last 10 days or so, with blue water pushed in against a distinct color change just offshore of the reef. Many of our larger Dolphin have been caught in this relatively shallow


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During the month of June you can expect the Dolphin fishing action to continue unabated. Larger fish tend to become harder to find as the area fills with tremendous numbers of “schoolies”. Debris as well as weed lines will be holding fish. A subtle reading of whatever birds you find will also give indications as

June 5th 2014 great Dolphin action

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We are probably somewhere near the peak of the Dolphin season. Over the last week our area has been innundated with schools of 4 to 6 pound Dolphin. There are plenty of larger fish still around, it just takes patience and a bit of luck to hook the larger fish with so many smaller fish