Tight Lines and Screaming Reels

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January 11  |  Testimonials  |   CaptainBrad

We really enjoyed our recent fishing trip with you, you do a great job of making all of the group comfortable, and fully involved. My sons and son-in-law and I had a great time. In searching my 83 year old memory I find that I have been fishing with you since you were an impetuous youth. I think the first time was with Frank Mather in Florida, or maybe even earlier on Cape Cod. We then fished again in Florida on a 3 day trip west of Key West – a wonderful trip. There were many other trips, but a couple stand out. A trip in Isla Mujeres Mexico where we took and released 33 Sails in a day on light tackle. A trip to La Guira Venezuela where you showed my friend Hector how to catch bait on Sabicki’s and we took 10 White Marlin in one day on spinning tackle. Your new boat is great, very comfortable and very conducive to great fishing–I’m looking forward to fishing with you many more times. Tight lines and screaming reels.

Jim Toabe – 30 year client

Best in Key West

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January 11  |  Testimonials  |   CaptainBrad

I have fished the West Coast of Florida for 50+ years. We owned a charter boat running out of St. Pete. We were one of the first to fish the ‘Loop’. I have fished Key West charters before. Capt. Brad and the Southpaw are the Best in Key West! Unqualified recommendation for hard work, skill, professionalism and OH! that 43′ Torres!

Patrick T. Maguire, Esq. – first time client

Excellent Skill and Professional Demeanor

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January 11  |  Testimonials  |   CaptainBrad

Thank you for the meticulous care and the expert manner in which you always operated and handled our 60′ Hatteras. Your attention to detail, your management of the boat, your excellent skill in fishing and your professional demeanor with the guests was very much appreciated.

Dick Bassett – former President Marine Max, Inc

An Experience to Remember

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January 11  |  Testimonials  |   CaptainBrad

Brad and his crew have a way of making a day of fishing offshore in the Florida Keys an experience to remember. He knows how to schedule a trip for either the first time fishing guest or the experienced blue water game fisherman. Brad takes the time to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it to make the guest part of a true fishing experience. SOUTHPAW has been outfitted with the latest fishing gear and features a really wide stern cockpit with plenty of room for several fish to be caught at the same time. Again, I would like to thank Brad and his crew for many wonderful days and great fishing we all have had on the SOUTHPAW.

Doug Walker – long term charter client

Great Mentor

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January 11  |  Testimonials  |   CaptainBrad

Hey Brad. I’d been keeping tabs on you a little over the years, had seen your new boat, and heard you were doing well based out of Key West. You always loved that light-tackle kite/bottom fishing. I swear you used to get more excited over a big Mutton than a 400lber [Blue Marlin]. Not a day of fishing has gone by for me where I didn’t apply something that you showed or taught me. I’ll stay in touch, glad everything is going great for you Brad, you if anyone deserve it.

Ted James – former 1st mate

Great Time

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January 11  |  Testimonials  |   CaptainBrad

We had a great time. You and Zack certainly put forth a great effort to make our trip exciting. Thanks again!

Jim DelPapa – First Time Client

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